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Current: Velsera (Seven Bridges)

Seven Bridges is a biomedical data analysis company that is accelerating breakthroughs in genomics research for cancer, drug development and precision medicine. In December 2022 it was aquired by Sumo Logic and in January 2023 it merged with UgenTec and Pierian to become Velsera.

I led a small team of designers supporting global operations for the client-facing Seven Bridges ecosystem. I started by assessing the application capabilities, creating a working project-map which became the starting point for our team’s ongoing work. As my team moved forward I built relationships with the product management team and aligned with the engineering objectives. As a result, we work more efficiently and effectively, keeping the team well informed about current and future projects.


Past: CVS / Aetna Health

I led a team to improve access to care, education and coaching for patients with CKD. Working in an Agile environment, we quickly delivered an intuitive mobile app and website that was used by 15,000+ new members. I designed secure messaging, medication management and other educational flows in partnership with content writers and UX researchers.

As a result of our work, this project was completed on time and within budget, with a structure to add more applications into this product as well as more outreach services to assist people’s overall health.

Past: Current: General Electric (GE)

The Predix Platform is an industrial IIoT software platform from GE Digital. It provides edge-to-cloud data connectivity, processing, analytics, and services to support industrial applications.

As the senior designer, I worked with a small team to review and modernize the dated platform, refocusing it to achieve a more modern experience. My work made instant impacts on production lines by streamlining workflows for our operators.

"We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents"

- Bob Ross

Award winning

I have awards in Hatch, Webby, and other web accolades in the web community.

Apple tools

Work with Apple products on my personal Macbook Pro.

Mobile, Web, and beyond

I have the background of over 20 years of web experience, as well as designing responsive design, mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.


I am well connected with in a number of platforms, reliable contacts, and getting projects completed.

Relilable time estimates

With my experience I can accurately estimate the hours a task will take.

Fast accurate work

Work on tight schedules, with fast turn arounds.

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