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Be Bad

Sin Cupcakes Web Site


Create a cupcake brand and style guide that make the cupcake business go from the cute, flowery, and bright to being bad, sinful, and a little naughty to delight the senses.  Remember, you have to be be Baaaaad... to be SOOOOOO good."


The "Sin" brand and tag line "Being Bad Never Tasted So Good" I came up with was a kitschy way to turn the cupcake business on its ear. Not only was it fun to create, but also fun to bake and decorate.


I have created a brand and even gotten offers to sell the business to a company looking to start a cupcake company, but after all, I kept the recipes and enjoy baking them for fellow friends and work-mates. Plus it is fun to get calls from people looking for my baking location. It tells me that the web site is doing its job.